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How our soil
enhancers are made

Years of research at Novihum Technologies allowed us to develop and refine
an economically viable production process.

Raw materials

Our patented ‘secret sauce’

NOVIHUM® is produced from widely-available raw materials – brown coal (lignite), ammonia and oxygen. NOVIHUM® is chemically active but slow to decompose, providing a complete and balanced supply of carbon, nitrogen and humic substances for years to come. Guaranteed 60% or higher amount of humic substances – humines, humic and fulvic acids. Our soil enhancers have no sodium.

Analysis (pure NOVIHUM®)

pH (H20)
138 mmolc /100g
0.8 kg/l
Humic substances*
– Ammoniacal nitrogen
– Water Insoluble Nitrogen

*Humic acids, fulvic acids and humins. Contains trace amounts of S, Fe, Mg and Ca. Average values measured on fresh mass basis.


Proven, patented and scalable production process

In 2016, Novihum Technologies opened its first production plant in Dortmund, Germany, close to some of the country’s biggest lignite mining area – the key ingredient of NOVIHUM®.

Over 20,000 operation hours and five years of research and discovery helped us develop an efficient production process. Our patented technology has a low cradle-to-gate CO2 footprint and achieves in a few hours what normally takes decades under natural conditions.

NOVIHUM® and clay

The perfect partnership

NOVIHUM® forms clay-humus complexes in soils, increasing nutrient and moisture absorption. This has a positive effect on the soil structure, stimulating the biome, increasing yields, water retention and improving the soil health.

Our soil enhancers work best in soils with 10–40% clay, showing great results for soils low in organic matter (under 2%). For soils low in clay content we recommend the NOVIHUM® Argil or NOVIHUM® Argil Extra.

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