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NOVIHUM® Fine is the finer version of our soil enhancer (under 2mm granule size). It provides
a complete and balanced supply of carbon, nitrogen and a guaranteed 60% or higher
amount of humic substances for years to come.


Key features and benefits

NOVIHUM® gives you optimized soil and substrate properties, improves the sustainability of your investment, and more:

– Higher yields

– Improved plant quality

– Healthier plants

– Better root development

– Higher water and nutrient retention

– Reduced oxidative stress

– Improved nutrient use

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Your soil deserves NOVIHUM®

Your soil does much more than just grow seedlings, plants and crops.

It supports your family, creates jobs in your industry and wherever your products are sold, and is home to organisms that live within it. Your soil does so much good, and works so hard, it deserves the best.

Also part of the NOVIHUM® family


NOVIHUM® is an innovative stable humus concentrate. It’s indistinguishable from the high-grade humus found in very productive natural soils. Over 20 years of research…

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NOVIHUM® Dispersa

Dispersa is a brand-new solution derived from NOVIHUM® 25. It retains the original pellet size of NOVIHUM® 25 but quickly breaks down into powder when…

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A mix of NOVIHUM® (80%) and Bentonite (20%) developed to treat areas with low water retention and soil degradation issues, in particular low in clay content.

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