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NOVIHUM vs compost

10 May 2021

If you use compost or manure in your operation – or have tried it in the past – you already understand the importance of organic matter for higher yields, better water- and nutrient- retention and use, and healthy soils. You also understand the challenges of traditional organic inputs: high application rates, food safety concerns, variable quality, bad smells, salts, and rapid decomposition in hot climates. Did you know that 95% of the compost you apply decomposes leaving behind only 5% stable high-quality organic matter (humus)? NOVIHUM was created to be that stable faction and is high-quality organic matter, humus. Humus is the fraction of organic matter that is resistant to further decay and can last in the soil 10-100 years. So, it takes tons of compost to deliver the same benefits as a few hundred pounds of NOVIHUM.

NOVIHUM was developed through years of R&D as a safe and reliable organic matter solution, chemically just like what is found in nature’s best soils. Because NOVIHUM’s raw materials are mined and chemically transformed to humus in a factory, it is free from the food safety risks specific to manure and compost. NOVIHUM allows you to improve your soil’s health and productivity, today and for the future, without the headache.

What Makes NOVIHUM Different Than Compost

  • A stable organic matter just like what nature provides in abundance in naturally fertile soils
  • Therefore, it outlasts any other organic matter source, especially in climates that “burn up” organic matter
  • Rates of less than 1 ton/acre every few years, easily applied
  • Uniform year-round quality and availability
  • No contamination from sodium, pesticides, herbicides, or seeds
  • Odorless
  • Not a source of pathogens

Proven Results

  • Improved water use efficiency and management
  • Greater stress tolerance
  • Better seedling growth and root development
  • Longer lasting than other organic matter inputs
  • Measurably healthier soils
  • Higher yields (typically +10%)

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