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NOVIHUM vs compost

10 May 2021

NOVIHUM is a new tool for soil health and was designed to contain all the benefits of natural organic matter without the drawbacks and each batch of NOVIHUM is made with quality in mind. NOVIHUM is derived from Lignite and is manufactured without sodium, pesticides, herbicides, seeds, and is not a source of pathogens. Built on new technology NOVIHUM is fossil carbon that has been transformed into stable organic matter just like that found in nature’s best soil. Not only is NOVIHUM consistent in quality but it has also proven to be consistent in results and lasts in the soil for years. It takes tons of compost to deliver the same benefits as a few hundred pounds of NOVIHUM. While traditional organic matter inputs tend to burn up in hot climates NOVIHUM doesn’t. NOVIHUM Argil and Dispersa have been formulated with bentonite clay to break up the granule which moves the Novihum throughout the soil. An added benefit of this is that Argil can be broadcast on top of the soil and water will move it into the soil.

Twenty years of commercial and University research has proven that NOVIHUM reliably increases yield and maintains yields in soils that have low organic matter. In commercial vegetable and fruit applications in California, Arizona, and Texas NOVIHUM has consistently increased yields by 10% on top of the grower’s best practices. Beyond yield, NOVIHUM has been proven to increase water-use and nutrient-use efficiency, improves drought tolerance, and increases the overall health of the crop and quality of the harvest.

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