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NOVIHUM Vines Reach Trellis Faster

5 March 2021

Studies were done in commercial vineyard settings for both wine grapes and table grapes in each situation the NOVIHUM treated vines had a larger stem size, grew faster and reached the trellis earlier than the untreated vines. NOVIHUM was applied directly in the planting hole and mixed into the soil while planting.

In the Winegrape trial, the vines were planted in April 2020 and by August the NOVIHUM treated plants were significantly larger than the untreated in caliper and length. The caliper size was 25% larger in the NOVIHUM treated vines.  In August, 100% of the NOVIHUM treated vines reached the second wire while 75% of the untreated vines did. Before the vines went dormant for the year a measurement was taken and 87% of the NOVIHUM vines had reached the third trellis while 48% of the untreated vines reached the third trellis. 

Similar results were seen in a new planting of table grapes where NOVIHUM Fine was applied in the planting hole.  The vines were planted in May and by September the caliper size of the NOVIHUM treated plants was 30% larger than the untreated vines. This mirrors what we saw in wine grapes.  Measurements are continuing this season but it is clear that NOVIHUM accelerated the growth of these vines.

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