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NOVIHUM Increases Yield in Commercial Tomato Trial

12 March 2021

A commercial trial in Spain shows a 19% yield increase.  NOVIHUM was banded into the soil and incorporated.  During the first harvest, the yield between the NOVIHUM soil and untreated soil was negligible although the NOVIHUM treated fruit tended to be larger and had a higher BRIX content.  The second and third harvests showed a 14% yield increase in the NOVIHUM treated soil and the BRIX content was also increased. 

A study conducted at Texas A&M to determine the seedling quality and post-transplant yield performance under stress conditions concluded that “ Humic Substance-treated (NOVIHUM) transplants had an overall higher relative growth rate than control plants, which showed a stronger recovery and adaptability (less transplant shock) during the field establishment period, and also indicated higher nutrient uptake (Qin, 2020).“ Both round and cherry tomatoes had a higher yield than the control under optimized growing conditions. “Overall, imposed heat and drought stresses had significantly negative effects on crop yield and average fruit weight but Humic Substance (NOVIHUM)- treated plants showed more improved stress tolerance than control plants by mitigating the yield loss(Qin, 2020).

Humic Substances improve vegetable seedling quality and post-transplant yield performance under stress conditions. 


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