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NOVIHUM Improves Establishment in Fruit and Nut Trees

1 March 2021

NOVIHUM was tested in different situations: preplant in lemons and walnuts and NOVIHUM Argil was used in young plantings of almonds and mandarins. In all situations, the NOVIHUM treated plants had a faster growth rate and an increase in stem caliper of 4-5%.

The lemon grower was particularly happy with the growth of the trees and says, “the trees that are 30 months old are looking and producing like trees that are 5 years old.“ He is also hopeful that NOVIHUM will reduce the salt intake of the trees, increasing their years in production.

In the almond orchard, the grower had a block in a new planting that was underperforming. A higher rate of NOVIHUM was applied to the underperforming block and the rest of the block received a lower amount. In the poor performing block, NOVIHUM Argil was applied in a band on top of the berm and NOVIHUM Dispersa was broadcast along the berms and disked in. The rest of the orchard had NOVIHUM Argil banded on top of the berm. NOVIHUM was applied in January and in August, the underperforming block had caught up to the rest of the block.

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