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EPC Engineering & Technologies and Novihum Technologies enter technology partnership

21 September 2020

EPC Engineering & Technologies GmbH (“EPC”) is a leading engineering services provider from Arnstadt with a long and successful track record of working with leading players in the chemical and fertilizer industry. EPC has delivered over 1000 projects in more than 40 countries and is very active in licensing high-tech, leading-edge engineering projects. EPC supported Novihum Technologies (“Novihum”) during its development phase by providing engineering services and turnkey services of its 1,000 t.p.a. pilot plant in Dortmund, Germany.

With this partnership, EPC and Novihum add the core NOVIHUM® production technology to EPC’s licensing portfolio. “The production process and product performance are reliable, consistent and impressive. We are proud to of this exciting partnership and we fully intend to embrace this opportunity to revolutionize the agricultural industry worldwide.” said Karol Kerrane, Business Development Director & Head of Technology Licensing.

‘’We are excited to welcome EPC Group as our partner. We look forward to bringing this technology together to its deserved world scale.” said Andre Moreira, CEO of Novihum Technologies GmbH.

EPC and Novihum completed the initial planning of a world-scale plant with production capacity of up to 100,000 tons per year. The partners are offering IP licensing and turnkey solutions to parties interested in producing the innovative soil-enhancer.

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