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AgTech innovations feed the next generation

22 May 2019

Feeding an increasingly populated planet in a way that’s profitable, safe and environmentally friendly is no easy task, and it’s going to take the help of some innovative products and technologies.

As industry leaders gathered at the annual AgriTech Venture Forum held in Toronto, Canada to network and marvel at the latest advancements in agtech, Xtalks spoke with the several companies that are fueling change in agriculture and helping to make this goal more achievable.

Sustainable farming starts from the ground up, according to Novihum Technologies. The clean tech start-up is developing a unique and innovative technology to return fertility to poor and degraded soil.

“We lose something like 20 million acres of farmland to soil degradation every year,” said Virginia Corless, Chief Growth Officer for Novihum Technologies. “The world population is growing, and it raises the question of how we are going to feed everyone if we’re losing the land on which we grow food?”

The Germany-based company creates a humus concentrate called Novihum from coal waste through an innovative process. Novihum quickly replaces natural humic matter, improving soil quality and productivity while sequestering CO2 in soils and biomass.

“We’ve developed a chemical process where we can transform those building blocks, primarily with nitrogen, and make a humic substance that is just like what you would find in natural soils,” Corless continued.

Effectively delivering healthy plant growth, a more secure food supply, and substantial environmental benefits.


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