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Our soil enhancers were put through hundreds of academic and commercial trials, proving their positive effects on crop yields and soil health. We have optimised our process for years to bring you the best solution – and here is the proof.


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mean yield increase
in commercial trials


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Field tests

increased yield

NOVIHUM® increases yield, even in highly optimized, commercial conditions, across a wide range of soil types, plants and application rates. Our solution is ‘crop agnostic’, meaning there are no obvious correlations between the yield increase and crop type.

NOVIHUM® vs. control: yield difference
  • No or negative effect
  • Yield increase up to 10%
  • Yield increase between 10 – 20%
  • Yield increase over 20%
  • Mean – 11%
  • Median – 9%

Field trials

Cottbus, Germany

NOVIHUM® increases the efficacy of beneficial microorganisms

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Arizona, USA

Bigger lettuce, usage scaled 50-fold after first trial

NOVIHUM® was tested on a commercial farm in Arizona, where a trial on 1-acre sandy soil area resulted in 12 – 25% higher shoot fresh mass and 11 – 18% bigger crown diameter, varying based on the application rate. Better results were observed using a smaller application rate and the grower scaled NOVIHUM® usage up to 50 acres after the first trial.

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Memphis, USA

More sweet potatoes with various application rates

During a trial carried out by AgriCenter International in Memphis, an increase of up to 100% in yield (at 1.680kg/ha) and an overall increase at various rates, starting with as little as 56 kg/ha.

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Texas, USA

Better vegetable seedlings

Texas A&M University observed positive effects for three different crops (tomato, watermelon and lettuce) across various KPIs. NOVIHUM® increased the leaf area and dry mass for all the plants, while also improving the root dry mass for lettuce and tomatoes under standard irrigation and fertilization practices.

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Texas, USA

Improvements throughout all stages of watermelon growth

Texas A&M tested NOVIHUM® in Uvalde and Dilley in various soil conditions and through multiple harvests with yield increase varying from 6% to 54%, increased fruit firmness over multiple years, and more.

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Stuttgart, Germany

Significantly faster rooftop greening development

Sedum exposed to NOVIHUM® in Stuttgart, Germany fully developed between February and June, while untreated areas grew much slower.

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Almeria, Spain

Higher amount of large tomatoes and 2nd season yield increase

Tests conducted by IFAPA in Almeria, Spain in loamy soils resulted in a 23.2% increase in the amount of large fruit in the first season and a 14.3% increase of total yield in the second season with just a single application of NOVIHUM®, compared to regular application of Vermicompost.

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Welzow, Germany

Long-term effects in former mining site renaturation

NOVIHUM® was applied in 2001 at a former mining site in Welzow, Germany where the soil was extremely poor, with almost no organic matter. The conditions required a high amount of NOVIHUM® to be applied (over 5t/ha) but even with an intensive crop rotation we have seen persistent yield increase and up over triple the amount of soil organic carbon in topsoil even 15 years after the application.

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Almeria, Spain

19% more tomatoes over three harvests

We have seen a great increase in tomato yield over multiple seasons in sandy soils of Almeria, Spain. Early results included larger high-value fruit and an increase in BRIX content.

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