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We make soil better.


Better all round

We make soil better with products that contain high-value organic matter like the one as you find in the best soils. This is possible because we developed an advanced production technology and rigorous scientific protocols that guarantee the consistency and quality of our products and claims.

Good soil is disappearing from under our feet every day. Most of the world’s soils are degraded, which is accelerated by modern agriculture and climate change. NOVIHUM® is our solution to the problem.

Our soil enhancers counter the loss of organic matter in soils, achieving in hours what takes years under natural conditions, with immediate and long-term results.

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Better for you

NOVIHUM® is indistinguishable from high-quality organic matter found in the best soils, restoring the fertility of your land and improving crop yields.

It was invented by scientists at TU Dresden and brought to the market by Novihum Technologies to build a better future for everyone.

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With better science

Soil fertility is the soil’s capacity to retain plant nutrients and water. It’s affected by higher clay and organic matter content, as well as the carbon/nitrogen ratio. NOVIHUM® provides a balanced supply of carbon, nitrogen and humic substances to tackle all of these issues.

This leads to more efficient and sustainable distribution of plant nutrients, both natural and commercial – NOVIHUM® not only stimulates growth but also boosts the efficiency of fertilizers and other growth-enhancing products.

Our technology

By using NOVIHUM®, we were able to take mediocre ground and turn it into something we’re making money from.

Large US grower

Last year was the first time I applied NOVIHUM fine and got a yield of 9kg/m²…like never before. This year I have reapplied the product.

Jacinto, padron peppers producer in Spain

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